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TRAC Tactical Radio Adapter CableDelaire USA's Tactical Radio Adapter Cable (TRAC) allows for a seamless transition between civilian or military Vehicle Intercommunication Systems, such as the AN/VIC-3 and Personal Radios such as the AN/PRC-117, AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-152, Motorola XTS 2500, XTS 5000, Harris Falcon III, EF Johnson 5100 Series, and the ICOM F4GS allowing the Marine, Soldier or first responders to remain in constant communication while taking full advantage of advanced headsets like the Bose Triport Tactical Headset (TTH) and the Bose Improved Tactical Headset, already slated as the headset for the Army’s Vehicle Intercommunication upgrade.

Delaire USA has worked alongside Bose and CERDEC to develop this cable and is currently the only interface between Personal Radios and the Bose headsets.

Combined with the Bose TTH’s and Bose ITH’s proven ability to increase voice intelligibilty, Delaire’s TRAC adapts and interfaces to otherwise incompatible radio systems. No headset change is required when dismounting vehicles for field operations and consistent volume levels are maintained – no need for drastic volume changes.

Delaire’s TRAC works with the Push to Talk (PTT) feature. Compatability with other radios available. Options include custom lengths and clothing clips.

Delaire's TRAC is designed to interface the TTH or ITH with radio systems:

Nomenclature Radio NSN Delaire TRAC# TRAC NSN
AN/PRC-148 (MBIT) 5810-01-520-3927 DM31768-00 5965-01-581-7244
MBITR, RTU, URBAN 5820-01-463-5543 DM31768-00 5965-01-581-7244
MBITR, URBAN 5810-01-460-1605 DM31768-00 5965-01-581-7244
AN/PRC-152 5820-01-556-0746 DM31768-00 5965-01-581-7244
ICOM F43-GS 5825-01-C026373 DM30948-00  
Motorola XTS 5000 5820-01-545-7946 or 5820-01-549-6407 DM31337-00  
AN/PRC-127 EFJ 5820-01-509-9053 DM32466-00  
AN/PRC-117 SINGARS (non-powered) Multiple NSNs DM32228-00  
AN/PRC-117 SINGARS DM32228-01  
AN/PRC-117 SINGARS (coiled cord) DM32228-02  
IC-F43GS 5825-01-C026373 DM30948-00  

Click here for Army proof-of-concept information

TRAC Tactical Radio Adapter Cable
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