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The Delaire USA Communications Integration Group is a premier full-service department that offers a complete portfolio of system integrations services - from consulting to design, manufacturing, integration, test, and customer support. Delaire's team has extensive experience in NEBS, Bellcore, and agency compliance validation and can provide an economical solution to system verification, as well as carrier-class quality and reliability. Given the team's vast experience in public-network-grade products, we have the knowledge to launch ATM/SONET and WI-FI applications, systems and sub-systems into today's demanding environments.

In addition to our integration expertise we also offer services such as network revitalization. In this effort our intentions are to save on capital by reuse of existing network infrastructure. In most cases where a customer has existing fiber optic cabling, these cables can be reconditioned and brought back to network performance specs instead of installing new cabling.

Delaire's team is versed in multiple US and international standards and procedures including UL, FCC, CSA, ETSI, and CE mark. The team has learned through careful planning, knowledgeable preparation, and pre-testing that it is possible to avoid costly mishaps that require re-testing and ultimately causing delays in delivery schedules.

Delaire will manage the entire scope of the integration effort through:

  • Documented Plan
  • Implementation
  • Change Control
  • Quality Metrics
  • Engineering Test-Lab Interaction
  • Training
  • Report Access and Presentation
  • Customer Support

Having been employed at such companies as Lucent, Bell Laboratories, AT&T, Telecom Analysis Systems, Lambda Optical Systems, and L-3 Communications, Delaire's manufacturing and integration team has over 35 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.

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