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Delaire's Kitting Service:

Delaire USA offers an expert procurement service. We make all the telephone calls to get the best price available and do all the expediting. If delivery is an issue Delaire's procurement team goes out to a world market to procure your parts. If a customer has special pricing worked out with specific manufacturers, a letter of authorization from the customer is required so that we can also receive that pricing and pass the savings along to the customer. If an approved manufacturer has a long lead-time or has discontinued a product, Delaire's procurement team will provide the customer alternative specification sheets for possible cross-referencing of parts. If a part is going obsolete, Delaire's procurement team will advise the customer to design in another part.

Delaire's Engineering Department will create internal part numbers and maintain all BOM revisions and alternate approved sources. Delaire will provide Material Requirement Planning (MRP) for accurate creation of inventory and procurement planning of kitting materials.

Delaire's Inventory team will perform an accurate 100% count of all incoming materials and serialize inventory, inputting data into our MRP system. Outgoing parts are matched up to a picklist created by Delaire's MRP system, and a customer label is created. All parts are then individually packaged as outgoing product. Delaire's inventory team will create an inventory location for accurate accountability of all parts. This data will be tracked by the MRP system. Once kits have been pulled, Delaire's QC department then inspects 100% of all parts before shipping the kit to the board house. When parts are returned from the board house, Delaire's inventory team will 100% count all reels returned from the board house and perform inventory transactions for any percentage of manufacturing fallout.

Customer Requirements:

  • An Excel spreadsheet of the initial BOM with accurate part numbers and correct packaging call outs should be emailed to Delaire USA. If the BOMs contain changes or inaccurate information, increased changes and documentation time become necessary and will create added time and cost to the customer. From this information, a BOM can be costed and lead-time provided to customer. Only an estimate of procurement and inventory charges can be calculated.
  • The customer must provide ample initial lead-time to procure parts without creating expedited delivery charges. If ample lead-time is not available, the customer must pay air charges.

Delaire has expertise in procurement and inventory management. We can ship multiple boards, maintain accurate inventory levels, BOMs, kitting, and just in time delivery for complete board fabrication. Once a board is set up, Delaire needs just 3-5 days to deliver complete kits to your contract manufacturer of choice with all proper documentation. Feel free to ask our existing customers of the service we provide in this area.

Delaire USA will:

  • Create BOMs.
  • Source parts.
  • Expedite parts
  • Provide QC Inspection of parts
  • Provide all Documentation to Board House, including picklists, BOMs, ECOs and specific manufacturing instruction.
  • Verify substitutions with customer authorization.
  • Easy adjustment of quantities in MRP.
  • Easy handling of adjustments to forecasts, as well as leftover inventory or excess material (in a consigned area) through Delaire's Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Provide proper static packaging and handling.
  • Create internal part numbers for all parts.
  • Pack and ship.
  • Coordinate shortages or discrepancies directly with the Board House.
  • Provide alternate solutions for long lead times when appropriate.

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