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Fiber Optic Qualification System Fiber Optic Qualification & Dispersion Test Links
Delaire USA qualification test systems are designed to act as worst-case links for bandwidth/dispersion and attenuation, or to meet the customer's loss, dispersion, and distance requirements for custom applications. Because the test links are constructed from hand-selected, industry-standard fiber and not simulated with dispersion elements, all of the effects including loss, dispersion, and fiber nonlinearities are present and authentic.
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Custom Products

Fiber Optic Assemblies
Fiber Optic Assemblies
Custom Made Fiber Optic Assemblies
  • Component layout and system design is available.
  • Experienced CAD staff available to formalize your ideas.
  • All assemblies are built to meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • 100% inspection and testing of components and finished product is performed.
  • Any mixture of DC, RF, and fiber optic technologies easily accommodated.
  • Designs are kept completely confidential.
Fiber Test SystemsFiber Dispersion Test Systems

Customize and Maintain Your Optical Fiber Cable Assemblies

With over 20 years’ experience manufacturing and supplying fiber optic cables, the professionals at Delaire USA are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of customers. From standard fiber optic cables, to qualification testing equipment, to customized assemblies, we go the extra mile to facilitate our customers’ operations.

Any Type of Optical Fiber Cable

We supply nothing short of the industry’s best fiber optic cables, from single and multimode, to ribbon cables, to military cables. From voice/data transmission and military operations, to network building and CATV, Delaire USA’s high quality cables can do it all. As an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, we make it a point to supply nothing short of rugged, functional cabling solutions for professionals in the most demanding industries.

Fiber Optic Testing

To ensure your fiber optic cables are operating at max performance, it’s a smart idea to invest fiber optic test equipment. Dust, oils, and cable damage can impede the speed and reliability of optical fiber connectors. Our optical test equipment is designed to pinpoint bandwidth/dispersion and attenuation issues. Our qualification systems include the following:

  • 8800 Family of Fiber Optic Test Links
  • 802.3ae Qualification Test Link
  • LRM/802.3aq Qualification Test Link

Custom-Built Assemblies

If you need a fiber optic assembly built to your specs, there’s no team better than the one at Delaire USA. We offer a number of customer-focused cable assembly services – guaranteed to exceed your unique needs. You can rely on us for:

  • Layout planning
  • Design finalizing through our CAD staff
  • Inspection & fiber optic testing
  • Easy blending of fiber optic, RF and DC cables
  • Confidential designs
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