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Cable Testing Services

Delaire USA, Inc. 100% tests every cable assembly we manufacture. To accomplish this, we have invested considerably in equipment and resources. We now offer these services to our customers. If you are required to meet IPC/WHMA-A-620 Section 19 or have other specific testing requirements, let us do the testing for you. We will build the setup, 100% test and provide a report for each assembly.

  • All equipment calibrated to NIST Standards.
  • Comprehensive Test Report provided for all testing performed.
  • Custom test adapters created as needed.
  • Testing to IPC/WHMA-A-620 Section 19, MIL-STD-2026 Class 300, or customer specifications as required.



CableTest Horizon HV2

  • 1500VDC HiPot
  • Continuity, shorts, opens, proper wiring
  • Resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc.
  • Up to 256 points.
CableTest Horizon II HV4
  • 1500VDC, 1067VAC HiPot.
  • Continuity, shorts, opens, proper
  • wiring.
  • Resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc.
  • 256 points – expandable to 1024
  • points.
QuadTech Guardian 1030
  • 5000VAC, 6000VDC HiPot.
  • 50-1000VDC IR.
  • Single Point.
QuadTech LR2000 Milliohm Meter
  • Resistance measurement 1μOhm to
  • 2MOhm.
Anritsu 37397C VNA
  • 40MHz – 65GHz.
  • S11, S21, S22, S12 Parameters.
  • Frequency or time domain.
  • Measure Insertion Loss, VSWR, electrical length.

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