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Click here for more information Tactical Radio Adapter Cable (TRAC)
Delaire USA's Tactical Radio Adapter Cable (TRAC) allows for a seamless transition between civilian and military Vehicle Intercommunication Systems, such as the AN/VIC-3 and Personal Radios such as the AN/PRC-148, Motorola XTS 5000, Harris Falcon III, EF Johnson 5100 Series, and the ICOM F4GS allowing the Marine, Soldier or first responders to remain in constant communication while taking full advantage of advanced headsets like the Bose Triport Tactical Headset (TTH) and the Bose Improved Tactical Headset, already slated as the headset for the Army’s Vehicle Intercommunication upgrade.
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Custom Products

RF Attenuator Box
RF Matrix Box
Custom Made RF Assemblies
  • Component layout and system design is available.
  • Experienced CAD staff available to formalize your ideas.
  • All assemblies are built to meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • 100% inspection and testing of components and finished product is performed.
  • Any mixture of DC, RF, and fiber optic technologies easily accommodated.
  • Designs are kept completely confidential.
Solid State Attenuator Shelf with Serial ControlSolid State Attenuator Shelf with Ethernet Control
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